Ett telefonsamtal

Man on the phone: We're getting signals from your computer. It's overloaded with virus.
Linn: How do you know?
Man: Your windows is connected to the main server yadayadayada technical details.
Linn: Which main server?
Man: Windows main server.
Linn: Yes, but which country?
Man: Hello? Ma'm, you there?
Linn: Which country are you calling from?
Man: *short paus* Los Angeles
Linn: Oh, so the US then. Good! I wonder if you can help me with something.
Man: Well yes, your computer...
Linn: Well, Since you call from the US I suppose that you're more familiar with the inch-foot-measuring system than I am. See. I'm looking at this sewing projcet on a website, but I don't know how much fabric I need, since it's all in feet, and I'm used to the metric measruring system, so, could you tell me, how much is a foot in meters?
Man: *quiet* Hello, ma'm you there?
Linn: Yes, well, the metric system...
Man: That is not part of my tasks. You wan't to speek to the manager of this company?
Linn: No, that's not necessary, just tell me, how many feet are there on a meter? Simple question.
Man: Ma'm, I don't think you understand. Your computer needs fixing. I can help you with that.
Linn: Well, actuallty, I don't need any help with my computer, but I do need help with this measuring foot-metric thing.
Man: *click*
I guess he wasn't that service minded.

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